They call us consultants, but we are Counselors, Advocates, Cheerleaders, Teachers, Accelerators, Innovators, Game Changers.


tarylynn consulting is a New York based boutique consulting firm, providing a wide range of strategic and technical consulting. Our success stems from the outstanding capabilities of our consultants, many of whom are recognized as experts in their respective fields; our close relationships with a select group of industry experts and from a corporate philosophy that stresses interdisciplinary collaboration and responsive service.

At tarylynn consulting, we are committed to helping you handle any challenge or endeavor that might develop. We can’t promise a flat surf and we won’t waste your time telling you we can stop the waves. We can promise to get you amped up, build your skills to avoid wipeouts and get you through to the other side. Oh and maybe just have some fun along the way!


It may sound cliché, but at tarylynn we value honesty, ethics and moral principles above all else. We do not take short cuts to the detriment of our clients. To quote Tony Dungy, “Integrity, the choice between what’s convenient and what’s right.”


At tarylynn Consulting, we are problem solvers. We never “turn off” until the problem is solved.


We hold ourselves accountable, We expect you to hold us accountable and We promise to hold you accountable.


We believe the relationships we build with our clients is what sets us apart from our competitors. Our hope is you will come to trust us implicitly and know that we only want what’s best for you.

Details, Details, Details

Details make the difference. At tarylynn, we know that successful execution can hinge on the details, but we also know it’s easy to get bogged down with details. Let us navigate the swamp and get you to the other side, allowing you to keep your eye on the prize.

What We Do

Software Consulting


You’ve selected the software and now you need to implement. Are you lacking in-house expertise? Running a lean organization and do not have the resources to devote full-time to an implementation? Or perhaps you’ve already been through the implementation, but now need to expand your business and align these requirements with your existing system? Let us manage your project from project charter and governance to your successful go-live and all the many steps in between. We believe a software implementation is not just an IT project. Our holistic approach means we keep business users engaged and involved every step of the way to ensure the final implemented product is seamlessly adopted. Some of our implementation services include internal resource allocation plans; defining measures of success; risk management and mitigation; alignment of software with organization requirements; organizational change management; project management using the Agile method or client’s preferred methodology; training and documentation; data conversion strategy; scope creep management; process reengineering and workflow definition; business scenario definition and modeling; facilitate test plans and user testing; go-live and post go-live support.


Have you acquired a new organization and need to merge their business onto your existing platform? Implemented a new software for part of your business and now need to migrate the rest of your business onto the platform? Our migration services include a detailed analysis of the business models to be migrated, a system assessment to determine the in-house system’s capabilities and documentation of any necessary customizations. As customizations are costly, we perform a cost benefit analysis to determine if altering existing business processes to better align with the legacy platform is the preferable alternative. Managing a migration, while trying to merge two organizations into a single organization can be complex and tough. Making tough and sometimes controversial decisions required around system functionality due to budget and time constraints are often not well received, so let us be a neutral party that manages the migration so you can focus on your new organization’s overall health.


Is it finally time for that software upgrade you’ve been putting off? Upgrades are the unglamorous cousin of implementations, but often vitally important to an organization. Our upgrade services are just as comprehensive. In addition to services covered in the implementation section, we will assess your current model, tools and processes to develop a customized upgrade strategy. We identify new features of the core software that can be leveraged for your current and future business goals and determine existing customizations and infrastructure that need to be retired or optimized. Additionally, we can provide analysis of the original implementation and evaluate opportunities to streamline processes; potentially eliminate unnecessary customizations that existed due to bad process design; and design process controls to prevent future system overbuilds. We work to ensure complete integration of the upgrade between systems, processes and end users.

Execution Services

Vendor Selection

Are you looking for a software vendor and are not sure where to begin? Or no time to dedicate to the process? We are vendor neutral and have only your interests in mind so let us manage the entire vendor selection process for you. We start with a comprehensive business review to understand your operational model and business processes so we can define and document your business and technical requirements. We run the vendor search, manage communications, request for proposals (RFP), proposal evaluations, facilitate vendor demos and vendor selection. Additionally, as we have implementation experience, we can help look for potential implementation pitfalls and what the vendor is promising, ease of implementation, along with evaluating implementation consultants. Or, if you like our methodology, we can continue our engagement and oversee the implementation of your selected software.

Change Management

Changing your organization’s structure and morale is low? Implementing a new system and struggling to get key stakeholders onboard? Your new acquisition has no synergy with your organization, there’s lack of trust, rumors are rampant and you’re worried about the impact all of this is having on the overall team? Or, are you gearing up for a new initiative and just want to proactively avoid the headaches of disengaged stakeholders, confusion and lack of focus? Since we know from experience people often fear and resist change, we help you develop a blueprint to proactively manage and mitigate fears and resistance. We believe the key to successful change management starts with communication, but we tailor our approach to your organization. Some of our change management services include: develop change management plans and roadmaps; assess change impacts; assess change readiness; sponsor plans and training; assess and manage stake holders; develop communications plans and materials; design and deploy change networks; plan, design and deliver training; resistance management; develop plans to sustain the change.

Project Recovery

Runaway Project? Not satisfied with your newly implemented software? Or even worse, you’ve stalled out in the middle of a project, the budget is out of control and you can’t seem to get it over the line? Perhaps you cannot get buy in from business users? Let us perform a comprehensive evaluation to determine the factors that are prohibiting the project’s success. Some of the items we evaluate are the project charter, project plan, project management and personnel capability, controls and governance, state of the system, validate the ROI (Return on Investment), change management. . .you get the picture. Once we complete our evaluation, we will work with you to formulate a recovery plan to get your project back on track and moving in the right direction.


Organizational Design

Implementing a new system and want to change your roles and responsibilities? Merging two teams into one and need an impartial decision maker to determine hierarchy and reporting relationships or if you need to reduce headcount? Need assistance imagining what your new organization will look like now that you have grown where you can no longer make all the decisions? Suffering from lack of ownership, silo mentalities, inefficiencies, or mistrust between workers and management? These are just some of the of the scenarios that we can help you address with a change in organizational design. We work with you to understand business strategy and then assess the current organization’s function, strengths, weaknesses to build a comprehensive plan to implement for your future state of business.

Process Optimization

You’ve selected the vendor, the project plan is place, but your new software is radically going to change the day-to-day of your organization? Worried your software configuration is going to drive your business processes to the detriment of productivity and efficiency? Or your implementation is complete and you are left with manual workarounds, spreadsheets and when you ask someone why they are doing something the standard reply is, “because I was told to”? Poorly aligned business strategies can stymy efficiency, create bottlenecks, frustration, and lead to decreased customer satisfaction in the post-implementation world of your organization. Let us develop a customized strategy to either avoid post-implementation problems or solve the ones you have. Some of the services we offer include: in-depth analysis and documentation of your current workflows and business processes to identify all processes to be included in the software, known pain points and opportunities for improvements; identify process changes, develop and document the desired “to be” state; perform gap analysis of desired process flow against software process flow and identify potential configuration and/or customization needs that need to be factored into the implementation plan and project budget; identify regulatory requirements related to new business processes; establish and document use case scenarios for software testing; impact analysis on organizational structure and employees.

GAP Analysis

Trying to decide next steps for your organization? Need help with prioritization? Or are you preparing for your Soc2 Type 2 audit and need help analyzing and bridging any gaps you might have? We can perform a comprehensive GAP analysis for your company in three areas: People, Processes and Technology. We work with you to identify and document the desired future and current state of the organization, along with already known gaps. Once we’ve analyzed this information and identified any additional gaps, we formulate a plan to close the existing gaps. The outcome of the analysis could potentially be used to make decisions in resource allocation, operational structure and help differentiate system or technical issues and limitations from other issues, such as inadequate training and poorly aligned business processes, which could save you from costly system updates, when all you needed was a new process. This service pairs well with our execution and software offerings and is easily customizable to fit in with these services.

As a boutique consulting firm, tarylynn consulting strives to provide personalized, unprecedented service. This is not a “one size fits all” solution. Our unique hands-on, relationship driven approach allows us to provide customized solutions that deliver results not recommendations and quite possibly deliver the unexpected. We work for you, which means listening to you. While we love to hear when things are going well, we want to know if you think something is not working. We strive for an open dialogue with our clients that allows our relationship to continually evolve to get you the results you expect and deserve.

tarylynn consulting Client Satisfaction Goals: To deliver not just client satisfaction, but Legendary results. Empower and Educate our clients. Never let things fester—Fix problems quickly and find solutions fast. Set realistic expectations from Day 1—Only promise results that we know we can deliver. Always be responsive and proactive to remove obstacles and keep momentum moving forward.

Our Story

tarylynn consulting is the product of an endeavor taken in 2008, when our founder Taryl Stanley jumped at the chance to start her own consulting business focusing on business analyst work in the commodities space. This new venture created a dilemma for Taryl, because she was not thrilled with being called a consultant.

“Consultant was almost a dirty word for me. I really did not want to be lumped into the consulting category given my previous experience as a client,” Taryl has said. “The consultants I dealt with had not left a good impression on me. You know the type, the ones that come in and act like they know everything, they might ask a couple of questions and weeks later produce a diagram with lots of pretty pictures and lightning bolts that makes no sense and ends up being useless. They tick boxes and are constantly working on up-selling the c-suite, meanwhile they could care less about the the client’s success as long as the money keeps rolling into their coffers. I did not want to be perceived by my clients as a necessary evil or as a chameleon always saying yes just to make someone happy.”

As such, the goal for tarylynn Consulting became redefining clients’ perception of consultants. The strategy was to provide invaluable service and truly be invested in the client’s success. The decision was made to only work with clients where we believe that we add value, have a positive impact and drive client goals forward. We also made the decision to never offer gratuitous services just to make an extra dollar to the detriment of our clients. We only hire people that fit in with our company philosophy. The shift in perspective obviously worked out, because if you were to look at Taryl’s profile, every role since 2008 has the same word included in all job titles — Consultant.

Today, we are happy to have built on the extensive experience Taryl garnered working as a consultant with Commodity Trading Risk Management (CTRM) systems and now tarylynn consulting confidently offers a package of value add services servicing a wide variety of industries.

They call us consultants, but we are Counselors, Advocates, Cheerleaders, Teachers, Accelerators, Innovators, Game Changers.